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Fukushima *ALMOST a complete nuclear catastrophe?! “FU” *Smile & Wave Fukushima??!!

Fukushima *ALMOST a complete nuclear catastrophe?! “FU” *Smile & Wave Fukushima??!!

Who in their right mind would believe this B$ for one second?! “Smile and you won’t be affected by radiation from Fukushima” Apparently, this Japanese Joker has already been affected and it’s too late for him or anyone who believes that statement is BEYOND INSANE!! Almost?! How about the worst disaster in human history not … Continue reading


  • Click Here to view; CVMCo… is looking for 6 dedicated bloggers to help grow our alternative news network, with 3 or 4 posts per month here @ “The Burning Sun Blog Post”on the following topics of lead concern; * Fukushima Daiichi… * Nuclear Waste… * Govern-Mentality… * Privacy/Censorship… * Barrack Obola VS We The People *ALT vs MSM… etc. The above are guidelines not limited to, although your submissions should somehow lead back to the main concern here @CVMCo which of course is Nuclear Proliferation & Radiation Exposure or Breaking Worldwide Emergency Alerts or Future Concerns in the name of TRUTH! Submit your articles in the comment section. Click Here for full details... Sponsored by; Walmartprep slots.us.org *TOP 5 FUKUSHIMA Expert Quotes Researched By CVMCo. #01 & 02. [Alex Jones comments on Dr. David Suzuki... See full video segment^ 03. Dr. Michio Kaku, Explains the Japanese government is trying to calm fears about TEPCO, and radiation levels and food safety in the region around the heavily damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility. Full interview click here. 04. TRUNEWS Rick Wiles, Interviews 'Dr. Charles Perrow' on the precarious procedures involved with trying to clean-up the aftermath of 'Fukushima Daiichi' Damaged Reactors, a process never been done before! Full interview click here. ***-CLICK HERE FOR PETITION INFO-*** 05. Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gunderson, Explains the flaws with a video released by inept TEPCO, calling it a cartoon, designed to put the public's mind at ease, while the truth is much more hazardous than it claims! Full overview click here. See Full Article; CLICK HERE FOR TOP 10 FUKUSHIMA QUOTES!
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