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ObamaNation Of America Getting Flushed Down The Toilet – This Is How ‘ObamaCare’s

ObamaNation Of America Getting Flushed Down The Toilet – This Is How ‘ObamaCare’s

The recent order by the O’bomb’ya {Pun intended} Administration to make ALL public school ‘rest & dress rooms’ accessible by ‘transgender identity’ is nothing more than a distraction leading to God knows what before the election, as I continue to say; “IF there is one” it’s a long way to November! The simple solution to this … Continue reading


  • Take 5 minutes in silence, then review 3/11 Anniversary... FUKU SHIMA has NOT gone away 5 YEARS LATER 3/11/16. This LIFE EXTINCTION event continues to be ignored by the masses, and this administration! Read more... ************************************************************************************************* *TOP 10 FUKU SHIMA Experts 'Beyond Nuclear' See Full Article;  CLICK HERE  ************************************************************************************************* NEVER MISS AN UPDATE - SUBSCRIBE FREE; youtube.com/user/CVMCo88 ************************************************************************************************* In the midst of all this social unrest and uncertain worldwide conditions, with 2012 hype past  over ancient prophecies, enter the age of Aquarius, and scientific warnings into 2013 beyond the solar maximum cycle… Peaking and tapering off into 2014^ present with no shortage of concerns now and then, 2015 the sun continues shooting warning shots across the bow...well into 2016 and beyond! ************************************************************************************************* There really is nowhere to hide, all things considered, unless of course you have a castle below the earth’s mantle, or a way to leave orbit?! However, there is preparations you can do to be better prepared for the worst to come in North America – realistically^ See CVMCo Bio^ *************************************************************************************************   Many say and believe the majority of the world's conflicts are over religious fervor. That is only a small part of the masquerade for the true motive of GREED & POWER by the Global Elites for control of the world's resources, from Gold on down to every grain of rice or Colonel of corn... {Yes pun intended, in the business of war, it boils down to Good vs Evil, no matter what your belief system is!! Oh... Did someone say open borders for ALQ-ISIS?! YES PUN INTENDED AGAIN! If you think Allah is calling the shots for them, I know puppets I call Obombya Brotherhood, that will agree! Full Article; Click Here ************************************************************************************************* Is it time for a Revolution?! Most likely... and it can be PEACEFUL, if we ALL simply SAY NO MORE B$ {Also stands for Barry Soetoro OR whatever his real name is!! We out number them MILLION$+ to 1... but if we don't put our  differences aside, and $TOP bowing down to the useless Queen... or talking points of "Once upon a time my name was Bruce... we can KI$$ our USA$$E$/ Canada'$ Goodbye! ************************************************************************************************* No-one will be singing "God save the Queen or, God Bless America or, God keep our land glorious & free!" We'll be singing "GOD $AVE ME!!" From the $EN$ELE$$ proliferation of NUCLEAR WA$TE surrounding OUR GREAT LAKES & OCEANS COAST TO COAST on FAULT LINES... FOR GENERATIONS from here to KINGDOM COME!! See Full Article; Click Here ************************************************************************************************* C+Petition, Prevent, Prepare & Pray...***-CLICK HERE FOR PETITION INFO-*** ************************************************************************************************* Sincerely, ChristianVicars.blogspot.com ************************************************************************************************* PS "Jesus Christ has never lied to anybody, why won't you listen to him?!" ~ William {Bill} Cooper. Here is a very interesting and insightful lengthy read from many wise scholars & gurus; Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings. (Hebrews 13:8-9)" Read more on the pitfalls of Christianity; earthharvest.org ************************************************************************************************* Remember to get your free; Top10survival.com checklist ************************************************************************************************* CVMCo88 | Top10survival | The Affiliates BibleSubscribe | Video Story   (more…)

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