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About my background;
I was not always a computer geek, in fact I grew up, in the far reaches of Northern Canada…
My Father (rest his soul) was a missionary bush pilot (survivalist), and I also obtained my private pilots lic. at age 17.
We also built a fly in camp “A” frame cabin, 50 air miles from the end of the road in  Saskatchewan near the NWT, in the 70’s catering to isolated trappers in need and remote communities in the region with supplies.^
Now with the current world state of affairs – with the constant fallout over the recent past from the Fukushima Disaster in 2011, is affecting all forms of life, and or death… It’s not getting any better to say the least!
With very little main stream news… on the possibility that the entire North American west coast could or should evacuate^ See ABC NEWS full story *Click Here.
Since the futile efforts of Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO] a private company, have failed in clean-up efforts thus far, as an already bad situation is now worse – with one false move attempting to remove the spent fuel rods from the Daiichi site, could cause a worldwide catastrophic chain of events… the likes of which has never been seen, not to mention the 95% chance of yet another large quake/tsunami or act of God if you will, could make clean-up attempts impossible – forcing total abandonment of all the reactors there! ! SCIENTISTS ARE BAFFLED
 Now, consider this; Fuku-Shima is just 1 site across the North Pacific Ocean, arguably the jet stream & ocean currents are affecting the entire Continental Americas, more than even the immediate location^ while the USA alone is impractically surrounded by over 100 aging Nuclear facilities, predominantly sea to glowing sea! WHY?! You might ask!!! I know I’m asking this question – how could humanity be so STUPID???!!!
The answer is sadly quite simple yet true, boiling down to one utterly pathetic reason…”NUCLEAR POWER IS A FRONT FOR WAR=CORPORATE GREED!!”~C+ As A. Einstein said “Nuclear Power is one hell of a way to boil water” {Yet another…quote}
a einstein
This is reality, and I realize better than most, We The People… don’t have the luxury of hopping into a plane and flying off into the wild blue yonder, including myself anymore… from an all out Nuclear Holocaust, Accident or Deliberate event, there is no escaping this worldwide problem! 
I have now devoted my blogs to this cause since I have no doubt that this is humanity’s
Prepare with bare ‘minimum survival’ expenditures, while updating/ongoing^ coalition/ alternative news… join risk free – relatively speaking!
top10survivalIn the midst of all this social unrest and uncertain global conditions, with 2012 hype past  over ancient prophecies, enter the age of Aquarius, and scientific warnings into 2013 beyond the solar maximum cycle… Peaking and tapering off into 2014^ present with no shortage of concerns now and then, 2015 the sun continues shooting warning shots across the bow! There really is nowhere to hide in 2016, all things considered, unless of course you have a castle below earth’s crust, or a way to leave orbit beyond 2017 into 2018?!

However, there is   preparations you can do to be better prepared physically & spiritually for the worst to come – realistically^ Click here for complete details!

One thing is certain – we need to decommission all Nuclear Reactors  both home and away, as we work toward safe CLEAN ENERGY and STIFLE THE CORPORATE GREED MON$TER$ once and FOR ALLNeighboring countries on the longest border in the world… Canadians are no less concerned since we suffer many of the same Govern-Mental injustices that occur on both sides of the great divide & worldwide! IT STARTS WITH YOU & YOURS…
 Now more than ever – what happens in the  US of A, influences the great black & white north and beyond. You don’t need a degree in Geography or Political Sciences to figure that out, just RARE $EN$E, since common cents is history! PUN$ intended. And as the old adage goes – if we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it!! Here’s to keeping not only the American dream ALIVE, but WORLDWIDE!
Sincerely, C+Don’t Be Afraid… Be Prepared & Pray!
 After near 30 years online, this is our final cause! *Join Us @

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