9 Die In Church Massacre, Then: House Passes Fast-track Trade Bill & Obama Tries To Curtail Gun Rights Within Hours?!


First & Foremost… I convey my condolences to the families of loved ones lost! C+Prayers

*INFOWARS ~David Knight covers other instances where the 2nd amendment saved lives and how even if this was not a false flag attack the left media will use this crisis to go after the guns… As POTUS ~BO wasted no time to suggest in his so called heart felt address… with MSNBC and other headlines portrayed.

TMR Editor’s Note:

The timing of the Charleston church shooting is very suspicious, indeed, occurring the evening before the House Republicans quickly rammed through the Fast-track Trade Bill.  That this highly consequential vote took place with so little advance notice is quite suspect as well.  The mainstream media was practically AWOL, even after they were all over the issue prior to the first House tandem votes.

The U.S Federal Government seems to use these “weapons of mass distraction” whenever they need to distract the body politic from what they’re really doing in Washington.

Source; http://themillenniumreport.com/2015/06/first-charleston-church-shooting-kills-9-then-house-passes-fast-track-trade-bill/

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