top 10 fukushima experts dont-nuke

Rick Wiles of interview with Christina Consolo AKA; Radchick Video Here.

! 1 Donald Trump Nuclear Quote
CVMCo. Editorial; Updated for 2016 
 01. PhD Kevin Blanch {Daily updates! “As I have been reporting for 5+ fu-king years” End quote. Recent research shows that cases of thyroid cancer, especially in young women, are on the rise. In some cities in California, the rates are higher than the national average.
Complete Video List Here


02. Richard Alan Miller; Gives a lecture on the reality of Fukushima Japan, and the effects of global nuclear proliferation from here to kingdom come! Complete with closed captions… By CVMCo.
Full video click here.

03. Dr. Michio KakuExplains the Japanese government is trying to calm fears about TEPCO, and radiation levels and food safety in the region around the heavily damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility.
Full interview click here.

04. TRUNEWS Rick Wiles, Interviews ‘Researcher Activist’ Christina Consolo AKA Radchick on the precarious clean-up and aftermath of ‘Fukushima Daiichi’ Damaged Reactors, a process never been done before! Closed Captions by CVMCo.
Full interview click here.

05. Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gunderson; Explains the flaws with a video released by inept TEPCO, calling it a cartoon, designed to put the public’s mind at ease, while the truth is much more hazardous than it claims!
Full overview click here.

06. Dr. Christopher Busbygoes into depth on INFOWARS, crimes committed by Governments involved with the Nuclear Industry on a global scale, moreover the ‘Fukushima Disaster‘, and worldwide ramifications.
Full interview click here.

07. Dr. Helen CaldicottNuclear Facts you’d be more comfortable not knowing from a very clued up professional who will not be bought or intimidated into silence in true to style, she tells it as it is!
Full interview click here.

08. Geo Scientist Leuren MoretNuclear Power whistleblower who is telling all who will listen about the dangers of Nuclear Power. Like playing with fire…and mistakes made in building the ‘Fukushima Plant’
Full interview click here.

09. Beyond Nuclear‘s Kevin Kamps, {nuclear watchdog} talks with Sam Sacks on RT’s “The Big Picture” about the effects of Fukushima fallout on West Coast kids, and the need to shutdown US Nuclear Plants.
Full interview click here.

10. Renowned Canadian Scientist: Dr.David Suzuki Immigrated to Canada from Japan, and has hosted *The Nature Of Things, TV Program on CBC over 40 years…One of Canada’s most beloved personalities says; “Bye Bye Japan,  ABC NEWS Click here^

Dr.Suzuki has several multi-million dollar property investments on the west coast btw^ for the record… See also;  Alex Jones on Dr. David Suzuki… video segment Click Here

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  1. I check ENEnews most days to at least catch headlines At one time I read a lot there but feel I no longer gain from wondering if Fukushima is “going to be resolved soon”. It doesn’t look like it. One possibly ‘helpful’ development is that California and BC Canada seem to be paying more attention in a wider-public way. The disappointment is that things seem to have to get worse and worse for this to be the case – so categorizing this development as ‘helpful’ is a bit painful!

  2. Extremely painful indeed, not to mention for those we leave behind is an understatement, it saddens me beyond comprehension that we’ve allowed it to get this far as the human race appears doomed with not only FD Japan, but when you look at the map I designed on the bottom of my page @ the fault {pun intended} lines in the USA, it makes one wonder what the GREED BARON$ were thinking besides profit – when you $EE aging nuke plants scattered throughout them^ across this once great land of OUR$!!! While some experts say NOTHING can be done about Fukushima and it will only get worse with time – They may be right, while Obombya, and his minions should be looking to the so called EXPERTS, and U$ING OUR TAX DOLLAR$ to decommission ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS – not building or upgrading more?! C+In Peace

  3. Thank you for your post and link! My apologies for such a long absence form my blog! (An absence likely to continue but I hope – if gardening and assorted shovel/wheelbarrow tasks are ever ‘caught up’ to spend more time here. I draft essays continuously but lack time to concentrate as needed to complete them!)

  4. You’re most welcome, and I also must apologize for my absence of late as life does have a tendency of getting in the way as I always say^ indeed;-] However, thanks for your input while understanding priorities we all must take to task… I can relate insofar as prep of a different sort, while never enough hours in the day as they say the old cliche’ goes too true!

    It’s been a few months since my last post, although never far from thought or brainstorming my next none the less, with no shortage of food for thought {puns as usual intended^^ Stay tuned {and or} Un tuna’d as the case may be! C+

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