“The Internet Is Doomed: Why? The internet is doomed for several reasons, here’s a few reasons why THE INTERNET IS DOOMED”


Both content and service providers have seriously questioned the need for a public Internet in recent months. Google and Amazon seem to be taking the perspective that so long as users can access their content, it doesn’t matter if they can access anyone else’s — so they’re constructing overlay networks for their own content.
Verified by NASA and the National Academy Of Science, in a published warning back in 2010.
Ask former “Governor Jesse Ventura, if the internet is doomed, or perhaps life as we know it?!

See his interview with former Nasa scientist on TrueTV;

And a major telco recently asked — in all seriousness — why it should bother maintaining the ‘www/Net. Ref; http://www.networkworld.com/columnists/2009/040109johnson.html
Not to mention the all-powerful SUN flares will have something to say about the www in more ways than one, to say the least! With the upcoming solar maximum to occur NOW on through into late 2012.

Nonetheless, whether you believe the facts above or not – the www is changing,and the

Doomed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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