“The Internet Is Doomed: Why? The internet is doomed for several reasons, here’s a few reasons why THE INTERNET IS DOOMED”


Both content and service providers have seriously questioned the need for a public Internet in recent months. Google and Amazon seem to be taking the perspective that so long as users can access their content, it doesn’t matter if they can access anyone else’s — so they’re constructing overlay networks for their own content.
Verified by NASA and the National Academy Of Science, in a published warning back in 2010.
Ask former “Governor Jesse Ventura, if the internet is doomed, or perhaps life as we know it?!

See his interview with former Nasa scientist on TrueTV;

And a major telco recently asked — in all seriousness — why it should bother maintaining the ‘www/Net. Ref; http://www.networkworld.com/columnists/2009/040109johnson.html
Not to mention the all-powerful SUN flares will have something to say about the www in more ways than one, to say the least! With the upcoming solar maximum to occur NOW on through into late 2012.

Nonetheless, whether you believe the facts above or not – the www is changing,and the

Doomed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

saturation of affiliate marketing with the wallmarts of the internet, none bigger than the fore mentioned – have without a doubt ‘monopolized’ the affiliate marketing game! However, it’s not all doom & gloom, and despite the decline in www browsing, and ever-increasing mobile app usage – the opportunities online are no less for now.

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Urban Survival Guide – Top 10 Survival Secrets

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...
Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near its peak Category 5 intensity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 10 SURVIVAL SECRETS you may not have thought of in a natural disaster or national emergency you need to master:

YOUR SURVIVAL depends largely on your mindset, more than your skill set! We will show you how to train your mind to become your most valuable survival tool, especially when you are confined to a local  urban area.

  1. How to BUILD A TEAM of like-minded people without compromising operational security. The last thing you want to do is advertise your preparations to your neighbors and make yourself a target.
  2. How to techniques for navigating the URBAN JUNGLE after a disaster…even if you start out 12 miles from home in the middle of BLOWN OUT BUILDINGS in high heels or flip flops.
  3. How to REUNITE YOUR FAMILY, even if you start in multiple locations, your phones are down, & your primary meeting point is destroyed & hazardous.
  4.  How to force your body & your family to react with stunning speed to threats while everyone around is paralyzed with fear. Shortcut life-saving MEDICAL SECRETS you can use on yourself and your family, when seconds count and MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are nowhere to be found.
  5.  How to know the parts of your city that pose a CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL THREATS to you on a daily basis, how to prepare for it, and still sleep at night. Many people who were prepared and survived Katrina in place reported experiencing SURVIVORS GUILT within 5-7 days.
  6. How to avoid this crippling condition and keep your mind sharp in TIMES OF CRISIS.
  7. How to stay “invisible in plain sight” to protect yourself from burglaries now and MOBS of HUNGRY LOOTERS in the future.
  8. How to “smell” DANGER in your neighborhood when you’ve got precious extra seconds to react.
  9. How to get inside the mind of an angry mob of parents with HUNGRY CHILDREN so your family is the last one to be attacked and looted.
  10. How to quickly & cheaply FORTIFY your home to protect it from forcible entry & armed attack, without looking like the neighborhood kook or advertising yourself as a target. Gain the peace of mind that comes with KNOWING that your family has a plan to follow if you’re away from home or “out of action” when DISASTER STRIKES

For complete SOLUTIONS & SURVIVAL TACTICS when escaping is not an option, You need the URBAN SURVIVAL SECRETS, you won’t find anywhere else in books, manuals or blogs!

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No more www internet? Spread the word while you still can!

No more www? Yes you read right, [no more www] The not so secret plans, are that every Government on the planet that has a pulse, or say… on the way the internet operates or www functions, IS IN FACT looking for ways, and implementing as I type – to make all internet access LIMITED, and or taxed for everything from email credit based stamps [proposed by Bill Gates] and the likes thereof, to subscription based www sites with limited access.


What does this mean? Well, you need not look any further than the example of [communist China] for how they limit, and at times [SHUTDOWN the Internet] to the general public completely^^^

If you are naive enough to believe we will have continued free access to the world’s individual views / websites, or no limit to freedom based content online, you are in for a rude awakening!

It is my belief, that the lockdown is already in action, as I predicted many years ago. I say this, not to brag – more to the point, I’m simply surprised it has gone on… out of control for this long! While the excuse for taking such measures worldwide will NO DOUBT be; SECURITY^^^

online offline mobile marketingThreats of terror, and organised crime – utilizing the www in unscrupulous ways, such as; [RATS – Remote Access Trojan Spies] they gain entry to your computer, and watch everything on your screen you do or where you go online (live), and it’s this type of activity or malwares spoiling the good aspects of the www for ALL INVOLVED… like the old saying goes; One bad apple spoils the barrel, and the only way to fix the problem is to do away with the whole batch! In this case, what represents; NO MORE WWW, at the very least… without the freedom we now have…

Whether you follow my lead or not, for whatever it’s worth – this is my plan of action, and my only advice is to come up with your own action plan… if not mine, as follows;

  1.  Take NOTHING for granted, and $TOP all lavish spending! All you gurus out there, prepare to trade in your sports cars & SUV’s for alternative energy sources / solar / wind power, and get off the grid, before you have NO CHOICE, and those less fortunate are building fires with anything and everything they can get their hands on^^^
  2.  All you www newbies, make what money you can online within the next year at best, as the only sites accessible online will be BIG BROTHER’s, and I don’t mean your family, unless you are related to the Government! So, If you are looking for the fastest way to make
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I for one (until recently) have kept a low profile, since I value my privacy, and have always been somewhat concerned over the ever increasing threat of identity theft! Another reason I’m certain that there will be…
no more www internet, also why I’m willing to come out of my shell now, and over the past couple years.

And on that note I will leave you to do what you will, and wish you and yours ALL THE BEST life has to offer.

$incerely, CVMCo

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