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nuke plant mapIs this what you want to leave your Kid’s Kids?! In case you live in a cave, and have not heard of Fuku-Shima 101… This is your wake-up call^^^

This IS NOT FEAR MONGERING * THIS IS KILL MONGERING By the so called powers that be!!

If this Graphic illustration of our NEGATIVE Reality does not get your attention, then there REALLY IS NO HOPE for a POSITIVE outcome^^^^ or rather LACK of it!!

Stay Un-Tuna-ed… C+In Peace * Happy Earth Day!!!
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Caravan To Midnight Welcomes ‘Dr. Richard Alan Miller’ – A Chilling & Thrilling Episode, You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Heads up!! (Thursday) 8pm to 11pm Texas Time – Tune in to John B. Wells when he speaks to Dr. Richard Alan Miller, about what controversial stuff went down at the Expo… This you gotta hear!

Along with some disturbing REAL NEWS pole to pole, to black & white holes from the true insider that is… the one and only;

Here’s a review * Parts 1 thru 5… Graphics & Editing By CVMCo. Stay Un-Tuna-ed

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“MASS ARRESTS or WWIII” No ‘F’ bombs involved except one… Accept nuclear waste 4 years later? YOU CHOOSE for your Kid’s Kids SAKE!

On the eve of destruction; I plead with all military from the highest ranks, down to the man or woman on KP duty! STOP THE INSANITY… this is not a drill – as the very existence of life on every level hangs in the balance^ Protect your own – COME HOME!! We have an impostor in the ‘black house’ “That is racist – you say?” No, just a sad fact, since I’m not talking about the color of one’s skin, but rather the FALSE SECURITY the once so called ‘white house’ provides! Hear more detailed FACTS on this subject;

DO NOT be fooled by the idiot boxes, and those in control of them, if you think the answers are found on CNN, MSNBC or God forbid Fox Con^^^ THINK AGAIN, then think about the idiocy of the ‘Brian Williams’ fiasco, being caught in a lie over his time spent in Iraq?! Rightly so – he was suspended from his anchor position with NBC News, yet no-one has been punished for the WAR CRIMES of Hitlery Clinton & The Obombya admin, while they hide behind the Bushes! LIES YES… as usual puns intended^

When are the masses going the WAKE-UP and say enough is enough?! When we have 100 Fukushimas on our hands here in America??!!- the fact is WE ALREADY DO!! The aging nuclear facilities in U$A alone, may not have been hit by natural or un-natural disasters YET… but they are killing more people than anyone realizes in more ways than one ‘F’ bomb^^^^^^^

YES THINK ABOUT IT AS I DO EVERY WAKING DAY!!! You don’t need a Phd or title in front of your name to speak out and ACT as few do, and I’ll say again; “When North America is ON FIRE, and IMHO is already, think about the next generations on the ‘eve of destruction’ this 4th anniversary of 3/11/11… and counting, when our off-spring will be cooking contaminated meat & GMO veggies on open pit fires in burning nuclear waste lands SEE to glowing SEA, from here to eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

survival not seen on tvToday, almost nine out of ten Americans live in places that are at a high risk of hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorism, tornadoes or other disasters. No one knows when we have to make split second choices for ourselves and our families. How will we react in these situations? What would it feel like?

These are the questions that need to be answered in order to prepare ourselves well for an emergency situation… Watch this short video on what you can do}}} Click here to see if your survival plan has any holes in it, and how you can save yourself & loved one’s lives, with one trip to Walmart before they close their doors forever!
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Fukushima *ALMOST a complete nuclear catastrophe?! “FU” *Smile & Wave Fukushima??!!

Who in their right mind would believe this B$ for one second?! “Smile and you won’t be affected by radiation from Fukushima” Apparently, this Japanese Joker has already been affected and it’s too late for him or anyone who believes that statement is BEYOND INSANE!!

Almost?! How about the worst disaster in human history not to menton nuclear – should be the correct description!! Are we as a people this ignorant and stupid??!! This comment from the idiot reporter above^ obviously doesn’t know the first thing about nuclear catastrophe, either that – or he is so freakin contaminated that he has NO BRAIN cells left, and doesn’t know his mouth from his A$$ hole… since his trip to FU if not before – as the reactors still BURN!!!!

I don’t have the answers, but apparently no-one else does either – when all else fails *smile & wave?! $IGH

Billy’s got a Ph.D. and Sara she’s a teacher, they love to rock ‘n’ roll
And blow their brains out on the weekend
Together they have built a world, a lot of it is real
And we are here to ease them through the parts they can’t conceal

I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave

Now their swearing up and down, they’re comin’ off so clean
Surely they will fall to their doom
Another inch closer, closer to the railin’
And nobody here is ever fooled

I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave, yeah!

I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave, yeah!

A lot of rain and fancy coffees
Best suited couple I know
They spend everything that they’ve ever harnessed
Now tell me, how is your happy home?

I smile and wave
I smile and wave
I smile and wave, yeah!
I smile and wave

And I wave and I’m smiling


!docram mini seriesC+Peace

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