Part 90: “Hillary Has Lost It – Review Last Election Day Grand Finale” Nov. 7/2016 TWILIGHT ZONE

Monday, Nov. 7 We began the historic 52 hour election coverage.
90 day review of Hillary’s demise + Jesse James @FreeJesseJames will be IN STUDIO this evening for the @Infowars 52+ hr LIVE transmission!

Also… founder and host of Stefan Molyneux joins to discuss the truth behind Hillary’s FBI investigation. John Brakey of explains how Democrats are rigging the election, and Clinton insider Larry Nichols shares his thoughts on how the finale of the election will play out. We will take your calls on this worldwide broadcast!

REMEMBER; Wear RED to show your support for the fallen heroes on voting day, and help Donald Trump to eliminate FRAUD & STOP World War III… Vote Trump if you want to live! Live stream looped 24/7 spread the word… @INFOWARS

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