Part 73: “Voter Fraud Is A Conspiracy Theory” Oct. 21/2016 TWILIGHT ZONE

The voter fraud conspiracy theory… On this Friday, Oct. 21st 2016 live broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, U.S. Army intelligence officer and survivalist-author James Wesley Rawles discusses a potential WWIII scenario and how to best prepare for an emergency situation. Former Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer joins today’s show to cover current tension between Russia and the U.S. as well as election 2016. Also, we look into an internet blackout experienced by sites across the internet and the possibility of a rigged election.

REMEMBER; Wear RED to identify Trump supporters at voting stations Nov.8th/2016. STOP World War III… Vote Trump if you want to live! See full show… Live stream looped 24/7 spread the word!

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