Dear Activists,

Allison, of Global Zero Action Corps leader, is one of dozens of volunteer leaders all over the world who are spreading the word about Global Zero in their communities, speaking out for the elimination of nuclear weapons, and sparking action.

And as an Action Corps leader, supporting a nuclear deal with Iran. Because the alternative to a deal is war.

We believe that nuclear weapons pose one of the most urgent humanitarian threats of our time and that eliminating them is part of our duty to leave behind a better world for the next generation.

A deal with Iran is a step toward a world without nuclear weapons, because it will stop the spread of nuclear weapons to yet another country. And diplomacy is our best bet to achieve that.

If diplomacy fails, the only option open to the international community to stop proliferation in Iran, will be a costly and dangerous military conflict. A war couldn’t definitively prevent Iran from building a bomb. In fact, it might accelerate Iran’s efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon.

As negotiators zero in on a deal with Iran, they’ve faced criticism from a chorus of anti-diplomacy voices in the United States. What these detractors are calling for is war, and they know it.

Join the movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons because great things can be achieved when nations work together. We are asking you to take a stand for a deal with Iran. Add your name today.

Fight on,

Allison Hargus
Action Corps leader, North Carolina
Global Zero

For more information, visit the Global Zero blog. Click here.

Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

Sent by GLOBAL ZERO | 1436 U Street NW, Suite 401 | Washington, DC 20009 USA


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