Everything You Thought You Knew “How To Survive Anything!” TOP 10 SOLAR STORM ERUPTIONS * SURVIVAL NEEDS & STRATEGIES

Guaranteed to Save YOU Countless Hours of Time…

With a logical approach to preparing for local disasters or worse, The Path is laid out step-by-step for you to easily follow. You’re guaranteed to save yourself so much time and effort NOT aimlessly searching the Net… everything you want to know is gathered here in one spot.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to learn all about using antibiotics, you’ll find the most useful information easily referenced in the sub-section on antibiotics like this:

antibioticsYou’ll easily find plenty of detailed information, references such as those shown above, and even many videos precisely where you expect to find them throughout the course… the most comprehensive information online!

1 Water Water procurement, storage, and treatment are covered.
2 Food Storage A variety of food storage topics are outlined, including using a vacuum food saver, dehydration, preserving meats, canning, bulk foods, and plenty more.
3 Sanitation and Hygiene Sanitation, garbage, showering, laundry, dishes, and plenty more are dealt with.
4 First Aid and Medical Everything from basic first aid (wounds and burns) to pandemics, medical kits, as well as long term considerations such as using herbs, essential oils, and more are discussed.
5 Safety and Security General home safety is covered (e.g., fire safety, CO poisoning, etc), self-defense options, firearms, caches, NBC and EMP, etc.
6 Heating and Cooling An assortment of portable heaters and permanent heating are covered as well as some considerations for cooling.
7 Cooking and Hot Water Learn about camping stoves, makeshift stoves, Dutch oven cooking, and even solar cooking.
8 Lighting We’ll discuss candles, lanterns, flashlights, and even solar-powered options.
9 Communications Learn about radios (weather alert, AM/FM, shortwave), CB radios, two-way radios, and even HAM radio.
10 Power and Fuel We cover batteries, the usual fuels (propane, gasoline, diesel) and also consider generators, solar, and more!

This is only scratching the surface…

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