In the wake of yet another sad anniversary, we as Americans have survived 13 years – past one of the most horrific events in history. Ironically now known simply as 9/11. Nothing additional need be said to immediately bring back that terrible memory or mental images by uttering those infamous numbers!


That said; I’m going to preface this episode of TRUNEWS with a true story of my own, I was inspired to tell after today’s program which should become obvious why – as I do… If not – it will be, after you listen to this broadcast.


The title of my story is; “To Hell & Back”


It was November 2012, and my Fiance’ of 5 years and I were co managers of a resort near the top of the world in Montana. Metaphorically speaking, and quite literally we were indeed on top of the world! When our first vacation time arrived – we decided to take our week off, and go to my homeland in Canada to tie the knot {so to speak} – while fate had other plans for us, upon arriving at the Canadian border, we were interrogated for over 8 hours on & off, while waiting to see if they were going to let us cross, we were inevitably separated, and I was denied re-entry, with nothing but a small back pack, while my Fiance’ was turned back with our vehicle for reasons related to her previous marraige…


This particular border crossing had no border town, and I ended up walking for over 20 miles {not fun at then age 49} before finally getting a ride to the nearest town – needless to say this was one of the lowest points in my life! Much could be said or read between the lines here. But this is leading to what I believe is proof there is an almighty God while I’ve never doubted – this would be the one time I came closest to questioning if there really is a lord and savior. Bare with me as I try cut to the chase/moot point of the story.


After months of being separated and finding temporary work during that time as a storage facility manager, my better half as they say} had returned to our previous work in Montana. I bounced from Alberta, to Saskatchewan to British Columbia, while trying to re-establish my passport back to the States. We were re-united 6 months later with my now new passport. We took up residence at a cheap motel, we had previously lived in for 2 years when we first met! About a month after my return – my Fiance’s first born Daughter age 31 was murdered by a coward {to put it as mildly as possible} she had only met him 3 weeks prior, while we still await sentencing over a year later!


Upon the gruesome task of having to pack up her belongings at her place of residence – we came across a RARE picture/print framed behind glass, however water damaged from a recent flood, was – you guessed it; a picture of the one and only ‘Jesus Christ’… now you might be saying what’s so amazing about that?! Well, this is where the proof comes in, as I stood in total awe! It was a print of an original painting my late brother, had bought when I was 3 years old, as a gift to our now late mother as well {RIP} one of my earliest memories, and grew up with that painting on the wall, I now have in storage back in Canada. Fiance’ nor I ever knew her Daughter {RIP} had or owned that print… Think what you will!!


We still plan to get married probably be in the USA, God willing…
1 and only jesus

I also plan to donate the original painting to a church my Father {rest his soul} built over 40+ years ago, while we have this print of the ‘one and only original’ {pardon pun, I intend to try restore! Yes to hell and back, and with that I turn you to this very powerful episode of TRUNEWS in memory of Rick Wiles’ mentor who passed on today; {RIP} Reverend Ian Paisley… Not before Rick has some disturbing news to share!


Sincerely, petition, prevent, prepare in prayer!


Please give generously to the;

iraqi christian relief


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