albert einsteinEither way we are DOOMED by our own demise, IF we don’t take a FRACTION of the cost the Govern-Mental idiots running this country, $PENDING our tax dollars on the continuance of Nuclear Proliferation^

LE$$ than 1/10th of the budget A$$IGNED for maintaining the nuke factories in the U$A,  is all it would take to protect the POWER GRID from the inevitable event of an ‘EMP’ {Electromagnetic Pulse} attack or ‘CME’ {Coronal Mass Ejection} from our sun, as I’ve said many times before – with a league of scientists behind me – and no shortage of proof from our past, that Mother Nature WILL lash out at any moment, the possibility is more likely sooner than later, based on factual events that have happened numerous times in our recent past…

As we are now entering the PEAK of SOLAR MAX, the 11 year cycle our sun goes through – now coming to a climax of the worst kind^ Most of us have heard of the Carrington Event, Solar storm of 1859 when telegraph lines got fried. This before we were dependent on electricity for everything! If and when that happens again – our power grid will be toast… along with over 100 aging nuclear facilities in the U$A alone – not to mention sitting on fault lines coast to coast!

Along with 90% overall of the “440+ commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 30 countries” already failing / leaking! Not counting Chernobyl, that is documented by Russia’s Academy of Science to be responsible for over a MILLION DEATHS since that one accident – NOW consider Fuku-Shima!

IF we happen to escape another sun cycle – and no SERIOUS event occurs, THIS TIME… We still have the threat of ‘Earth Quakes’, never mind MISSING NUKES from growing terror cells or ‘Rogue Nations’ – could easily cripple the country with immediate power loss for years, if not decades, and only NOW the global elite are speaking out on ALL the above REAL THREATS… PLACE YOUR BET$ on MAN MADE ‘EMP’ INSANITY or ‘MOTHER NATURE’S ‘CME’ WRATH?! Better yet…

cvmco doom and gloomDespite all the gloom and doom reality “we the people” must ACTforAmerica.org See founder & President interviewed by John B. Wells of former C2C fame, now on his own show; Caravan to midnight; full show click here.

After watching those… I hope you get inspired to do so^ share the following 3 short videos, as I am now… with your own blog / website or contacts – view the peaceful revolution here @ American.InfoLies.com click here!
Links open NEW WINDOW of Priority^

Once you get motivated^ come back to learn how you can not only BEAT the power elites at their own game, but “TAKE OUR GREEN BACK$ BACK”!! With this very graphic, long but very rewarding documentary in the end!

Click Here to expose; Power.infolies.com get involved with Solar city now!take back your power

If these presentations don’t give you REAL HOPE, then don’t even bother watching this final piece to the puzzle, once you’ve made & saved your fortune – this video below $HOW$ how to throw it all away *wink, but I think you can afford the time to watch what I sincerely believe is “Do or Die Time” or you would not have made it this far, for us and our loved ones with generations from here to Kingdom Come!!!!


 Opens NEW WINDOW of Priority!  


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