First and foremost; As indicated in my previous article, and many times before; “WE THE PEOPLE” must NOT ONLY UNITE – as the initials “U$ of A” would suggest… put our political ideologies aside, or perhaps more appropriately categorized as idiosyncratic beliefs, OR as Jesse Ventura said best; DemoCrips & <<<Rebloodlicans, end quote…  – $ame $hit different PILE$!

We need someone in power who works for the “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” YE$ dollar $IGN$ included, before the once mighty world currency collapses, as I $incerely believe – I have discovered the CLO$E$T thing to a “ONE ALL FIX ALL” there I$… revealed in $ummary…

Then all that remains is who will replace the B$ POTUS of all time – perhaps someone like; Worlds Apart Revealing interview…with Steven Seagal?! 

Now there is varying opinions on the state {pun$ intended – as usual} of the economy or the country’s $TATU$ quo on the World $tage… None the LE$$, people who are still asleep, or $imply unaware due to {ignoramus bli$$ or defeatist attitude$} etc., etc! Whatever the reasons may be, rich or poor… I believe the “US of A” is at BE$T 50/50 in terms of those in the know, and those who have NO CLUE that WE ARE ON A CLIFF – on the BRINK$, more ways than one – in a Symphony of Destruction, keywords; $YM-PHONY… monopolies!

O.k…those fractions may be somewhat optimistic, but lets run with 50/50… for the $ake of argument {figure of $peech} as I’d rather $tick to intelligent discussion, and the FACT$, $ince there really is no time left for DEBATE$, when one is honest with themselve$!

Considering^ Dr. RAM… whom I often refer to for quotes or paraphrase, in spite of the fact I heard him on a recent interview admit he made a mistake in voting for B.O., and I don’t mean ‘body odor’, while I’ve never been close enough to the POTU$ to $mell his B.$. I can $mell it from here, whatever Barry’s TRUE initial$ are?! I$ bad enough^ no LE$$… 

I can forgive Dr. Miller for his vote – by his own admission; “I’m a nerd – not a politician” end quote. But too many made that mistake, and apparently if you believe the numbers reported, 37 to 47% approval ratings of the 50% $till believe in B.O’s B$??!! 

You can take my word for it, or research yourself, I$ my ADVI$E… Ref Quotes

While I beg to differ with D.R. insofar as; I believe in absolute truth, along with – logic dictates – where as the imagination and where it leads, is unknown as far as fact vs fiction goes… and you will hear his rather different take of things, where I would agree, there are no shortages of unknown truths, yet to be discovered with or without metaphors… that much is indeed FACT^

Either way, I do enjoy his sense of humor in these trying times, and very much respect his expertise, especially in alternative agriculture & *community organizing – something I believe, B.O. $hould have $tuck to… $ince foreign affairs or Nation Building, I$ NOT his $trong point to $ay the least!

Depending where you look – I didn’t waste too much time on this search, but here’s a chart from 2013 Yahoo news {in of itself – yahooz} say it all, whether it’s B-O+O-B…$till adds up to BOOB$…

BOOB$However, The good Dr… including “Ron Paul” I would add, and many other freedom fighters or truth seekers say; All we need is 5% of the human race to rise up and face corporate fraud!

And I $ay; TURN the IR$  back on those in power to work for U$, backed by ALL OUR TAXE$ & RE$OURCE$, as Dr. RP said MANY TIME$ & CONTINUE$ to $ay – “END THE FED”!!! “Easier said than done you say?” True enough… As DocRam says; “It’s not gonna happen sitting on the couch eating doritos”!

While I would feel more comfortable with say 10% or more, WHY LIMIT ourselves?! Lets $hoot for the other 50%+ and I don’t mean with GUN$, although expecting the worst 5% or LE$$, and hoping for the BE$T of 50% or more… to take this country back in $ELF DEFEN$E of our OWN BORDER$, while we $till can til the earth, with a glimmer of HOPE TO DO $O – $O LET$ DO THI$!!!!

I’ve covered no shortage of negatives – especially since; Fahrenheit 9/11, on through what’s now known as 3/11 F’Daiichi, ongoing daily – along with $UM estimates ranging between 20 to 25 million independent bloggers globally?! We have to $TART $OMEWHERE…

^Bare minimum!!  I write this humble post expecting, as I always try to do – thinking, this could be MY LA$T, as WE MU$T FACE the negative$ for any chance of PO$ITIVE CHANGE, to clean up THI$ ME$$!!!! Before someone drop$ the nuclear football!!

And I plead with each and EVERYONE of U$ to do the same^^^^ $o with that, I draw your attention to; “WHY do I U$E dollar $IGN$ every time I $EE fit?!”

$IMPLE: To RELENTLE$$LY drive the point home that we $hould worry LE$$ about WHO$E Freakin “GRA$$ I$ GREENER” while at the $AME TIME, that’s what this F’d up world $HOULD RUN on, and the $OONER we realize that, like the old cliche’ GOE$ “FIGHT FIRE with FIRE” the $OONER we CAN TAKE THI$ COUNTRY’$ GREEN BACK$ BACK & RE$TORE THE AMERICAN DREAM$, and those of OUR KID’$ KID$… as I coin another cliche’ “We can’t $EE the forest for the LACK OF GROWING WEED$” I$ reality from where I $IT… on either side of the LONGE$T BORDER in the WORLD!!!!!

That said; Here’s the one thing BARRY $OETORO might have got right?!

free hemp video

“End corporate greed for the greed to be freed” http://American.InfoLies.com

I’ve NEVER been rich monetarily – though some say gifted in many ways, I tend to agree – while living month to month these days… having had my $hare of $UCCE$$ & FAILURE$, I $till try to practice what I preach, as they say; “Skilled at many – Master of Some?!” I refuse to say none… $o here’s to the only semi safe nuclear reactor, “The Burning Sun” as alway$ PUN$ INTENDED!!

$incerely, C+


I firmly believe ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ have the opportunity; IT’$ NOW or NEVER to EXPO$E http://American.InfoLies.com create prosperity once and for ALL!!! 


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