boA few more rhetorical questions to consider…

#1. Do you think it’s an “Obama-Nation”, or ‘WE THE PEOPLE’s Nation?! Ref

#2. Do you know that this Joker aka B.O… is a trained actor?! Ref

#3. Do we want a Commander in Chief or a Con-Artist in Cheat$?! Ref

This is a must hear interview by Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS.com conducted July 10th 2014 with retired U.S. Army Command’s Sgt. Major Dan Page tells us why he thinks 2015 is the start date for a series of actions to collapse the U$A, so that a global regime can emerge. {or is it the finish date?! Read more…

I for one, do not find any of OBOMBYA$ jokes funny as reported by; The Daily Beast!, all I $ee is a DAILY $MOOTH CRIMINAL^

Now ask yourself this, and the people you know; Does the NFL or NBA {or where I’m from} the NHL & CFL or The World Cup for that matter…hold more importance to you, than the *Nuclear Football League?! If the answer to this question is YE$ – I could not agree more with the Sgt. Major, and you can KI$$ your U$A$$ GOODBYE and my Canadian A$$ along with our Kid’s Kids, will be right behind U$ ALL^^^^^ when people get more excited over their favorite sports team, even RIOTING over the sake of a win or loss – then all will be LO$T indeed…

NAP TIME is OVER!!!! I don’t care if you are riding the ELEPHANT$ in the room, or KI$$ING the DONKEY’$ A$$ that claim to run the UNITED $TATE$? Tell me what is UNITED?! Or the {wanna be} so called CON-$ERVATIVE$ that currently run Canada by the QUEEN’$ Command, and her royal $ERVANT$ that wipe her A$$ with OUR TAX DOLLAR$ – and NO, I did NOT $TUTTER! Look it up^ along with *Nista! 

What is *True North $trong & Free about that?! Funding I$I$ both $IDE$ of the middle east’s fence – nvm our own borders… as the IR$’s income goes to China for collateral, *oh did someone say damage? $yndicate or Syndrome??!! More on TRUNEWS with Jim Willie.

YE$ ALL THE ABOVE, now for $ome Fukushima breaking news; I fight the THE GOOD FIGHT as the MEDIA LOL, kevin D. blanch 7/11/14…

Viewer Discretion Advised

I could have made this into a 2nd article. However, I feel this all ties in together from the top down or bottom$ up!!

And if you don’t like my placement of dollar $IGN$ in place of S’s, or Kevin’s Language, then I suggest you MOVE TO ‘Fukushima Daiichi’ Japan… with all the HAPPY DANCER$ that MI$$ $O & $O “social butterfly”… gives F’d a whole new meaning {previous articles} $HE CLAIM$ they are all loving life there – in $PITE of or should I say $PIT?!

Well, to paraphrase; Dr. RAM “GLWT” and or stay on your couch eating Doritos, while the Yakuza get the homeless F’dead. Then take a deep breath of fresh isotopes falling out from here to kingdom come, straight from the colbalt stent that leads to my heart! Ref-Read / Listen^

In closing, I ask you to please put aside all your spiritual, racial, political beliefs etc… and listen to what these individuals have to say, and try for a few moments to ignore the fact, the following work for Fox Con News – while I respect these counterparts {in part} because these videos are posted on WND.comwhom I trust as an alternative news source above most media…

While, I consider myself a good judge with a grain of $alt {pardon pun$} of character in;  American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, author, political commentator, and physician / Charles Krauthammer. Followed by and Former US District Attorney / Judge Jeanine Pirro, I’ve quoted & posted on before – respectively, for what should be obvious reasons!

Read more if you must…click here – as I ask again;

Do you see what I see?! If so, find out how to $ave America Now! Click here…

“Nixon lost 18 minutes… Obama lost two years of email?!”

“What The Hell Was Shinseki Doing?.. Playing Golf With You?!”

 How to SAVE America


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