cvmco blog affiliatesCVMCo… is looking for 6 dedicated bloggers to help grow our alternative news network, with 3 or 4 posts per month here @ “The Burning Sun Blog Post”on the following topics of lead concern;

* Fukushima Daiichi… * Nuclear Waste… * Govern-Mentality… * Privacy/Censorship… * Barrack Obola VS We The People *ALT vs MSM… etc.

The above are guidelines not limited to, although your submissions should somehow lead back to the main concern here @CVMCo which of course is Nuclear Proliferation & Radiation Exposure or Breaking Worldwide Emergency Alerts or Future Concerns in the name of TRUTH!

What do you get for your article efforts? If you are one of the lucky 6 to be accepted – you and your own blog will have permanent displays in text and feature image on our front page, constantly in rotation each week, your weekly image & story will not get buried, plus remain in archives indefinitely! Your article should be 3 to 5 hundred words, and include your own OR related video…
cvmco bloggers wantedRULES: You will be assigned one day per week at our discretion, and will have one week to work on, design, and submit your article^ should you miss your weekly submission, it will have to wait until the following week to be submitted or remain in Q for your designated day… this rule applies to our own CVMCo posts also NO EXCEPTIONS once rotation is set!!

You will be able to insert your own affiliate links, and or sponsors into your weekly article, using good blog sense limit 2 or 3 external links per post, including your own blog reference! All countries of origin are eligible, but must be posted/fluent in English.

CVMCo reserves the right to edit or delete any and all posts which do not meet our criteria…

Submissions for this opportunity to join our “blogging network” can be made in the *comment section below, and only those we are considering will be published, moderated, instructed upon acceptance… Limited only by your imagination & size – your weekly graphic must be in .jpg or .gif extensions/format, and will be on permanent display in rotation, also future galleries in the best of section coming soon!

Finalists will be voted on by readers, and chosen by CVMCo. Those who do not make the final cut, will remain published in the comments section for their efforts^ Questions? Please submit below, separate from your article submissions, no experience required, but definitely an asset. TY!!

Now let the blogging comments begin, deadline to be announced asap! 

Sincerely, C+

Help keep CVMCo Networking – donations accepted @ our main portal or visit our page of products we endorse and use ourselves, for you & yours click here!


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