1-24-7 cvmco news post 6Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July? Is it just another day to have fun and eat delicious food? Not exactly. The Fourth of July is also called Independence Day, because it is the day that the United States became a free country in 1776. Start reading and discover…

* Why did the Founding Fathers create the Declaration of Independence?

* What led to the American Revolution?

* What does the Declaration of Independence really say?

* Why were people afraid after the Declaration of Independence was signed?

* Why is it so important to know the true story of the Fourth of July?

…and Much More!

So start reading and discover the true story of Independence Day and the birth of the United States. Click Here



After the United States had its first successful nuclear test in 1945, the nuclear club was soon expanded to include tests by the Soviet Union (1949), the United Kingdom (1952), France (1960), China (1964), India (1974), Pakistan (1998), and North Korea (2006). As of today, there are nine countries generally recognized to own nuclear weapons {Reference Article By;

Now I have nothing against^ Mr. Friedman or the The World Post respectively. Granted his article is already outdated from 2012, no less a good starting point for me to update this issue with my own 2 $EN$E worth {PUN$ INTENDED!!


It’s of course up for debate whether or not IRAN has nuclear weapons capability, despite their claims not having pursued weapons of MA$$ destruction – while it’s undeniable they have nuclear research facilities for energy research?!

Anyone with half a brain can figure out the whole nuclear industry is founded on this misconception, or excuse that the energy needs by ALL countries worldwide use the claim of safe, clean, cheap nuke power – as a front to build BOMB$! As I continue to point out the glaring example of Fukushima Daiichi – could not be farther from safe, clean or cheap to say the least… Reference; Dr. Richard Alan Miller for one!

How else can it be explained when you consider the THOU$AND$ of  warheads owned by Russia, China, USA, Britain or France, etc… and for Germany not to be on this STUPID POWER$ list IMHO is stupid in of itself, since it was Germany that kicked this whole thing off the ground – developed there first and foremost, again despite Germany leading the way today in alternative energies worldwide?! See; Alternative energy conspiracy with Jim Marrs on INFOWARS @ Channel CVMCo.

amazon review

This ebook is WORTH the $3 spent. No one wants to think about this kind of stuff but I figured it would be easier to handle this ebook than it would be to try and really research the topic. It would make my eyes glaze over in about half a chapter.

This book breaks it all down into manageable sections and helps you work through what to do in those oh-so-important first minutes. If you live close to a military base, a nuclear reactor, or some other high profile (aka ‘good target’), spend $3 and 30 minutes on yourself. Click here to look inside, and submit your own review^

$o – We can argue ALL DAY LONG on who has, and who hasn’t got the STUPID POWER!! But the facts remain, this top 9/10 list is NOTHING to brag about or, WHO will have their finger on the LAST BOMB$ button?! Oh, and have we forgotten about the MISSING NUKE$??!!

The numbers are staggering on any level with Russia leading the way, as depicted in the chart displayed @HP

While I find it ridiculous to discuss reduction of warheads – when all it will take is ONE Rogue or ANY
LOOSE NUKE$ to start a chain reaction to END ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT with OUR TAX E$!

Nuclear Reactor Plants In USA Faults

Here’s to Canada’s 147th BIRTHDAY238 Years Of U$A Independence!
July 1st 2014 July 4th
Sincerely, C+

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