WORLD NUCLEAR NEWS on WNN Weekly 17-23 June 2014


There is much more to this video than meets the eye! Pun intended.

While it makes one wonder, among other things why B.O. chose not to wear the symbol of the *Pyramid’s Summit!! As most so called leaders did… Or why they had a holographic^^^ Symbol front and center, other than to show off?!  I think not!!!

Good report, but will anything illuminating come from this gathering… besides a 3rd WW to reduce world population??!!

Definitely pause for thought, while raises more questions than answers!! C+

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17-23 June 2014WORLD NUCLEAR NEWS:Taishan simulator ready to go
20 June 2014
A full scope simulator has been installed at China’s Taishan nuclear power plant. It will be used in the training of operators for the country’s first two EPR reactors, which are nearing completion. UAE celebrates graduation of first local operators
20 June 2014
The UAE now has home-grown expertise to oversee the safe operation of its first nuclear power plants, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has announced.Moscow cruise for Leningrad II parts
19 June 2014
Two steam generators destined for the Leningrad II nuclear power plant in western Russia have sailed by barge through central Moscow on their journey from the production plant.WASTE & RECYCLING:Australian waste facility site shelved
19 June 2014
The Australian government will not proceed to establish a national radioactive waste management facility at Muckaty Station after the Northern Land Council withdrew its nomination of the site.NUCLEAR POLICIES: New French energy policy to limit nuclear
18 June 2014
France’s nuclear generating capacity will be capped at its current level under a long-awaited draft energy policy announced by energy minister Ségolène Royal.UK government paves way for Chinese nuclear plant
18 June 2014
The UK and China signed two agreements on 17 June enabling Chinese companies not only to invest in nuclear power plant projects but also to build Chinese-design nuclear reactors in the UK, the Department of Energy and Climate Change said.Japan continues to count cost of idled reactors
17 June 2014
Japan’s ongoing reliance on imported fossil fuels while its nuclear reactors await permission to restart continues to impact on the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and trade deficit.CORPORATE:Alstom chooses GE alliance
23 June 2014
Alstom’s board has unanimously recommended its shareholders accept a revised offer for its power and grid businesses from GE that will see Alstom retain a 50% interest in its nuclear steam turbine business. The French state has also agreed to acquire up to 20% of Alstom.Areva welcomes new forging press
23 June 2014
A new hydraulic forging press has been inaugurated at Areva’s Creusot Forge manufacturing site in Burgundy by French prime minister Manuel Valls. It replaces a 60-year-old press for nuclear forgings at the plant.Oskarshamn 2 outage timeline extended
20 June 2014
Sweden’s Oskarshamn 2 is expected to remain offline well into 2015 as the timetable for modernization is extended with knock-on effects for a planned power uprate.Siemens, MHI team up for Alstom bid
18 June 2014
Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have launched a joint bid to take over Alstom’s energy business, in reaction to a bid by General Electric that is already under discussion.

NDA expects Magnox contract will survive legal writ
17 June 2014
The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority does not expect legal action against its decision to hire a new parent body organisation would lead to a re-run of the contract tender to manage the clean-up of 12 historic nuclear sites.


Westinghouse to market fuel rod sensors by 2019
20 June 2014
Nuclear power plant operators may soon be able to monitor a reactor core by using sensors within fuel assemblies that literally scream the type and location of a problem.

Strateco shuts Matoush property to cut costs
19 June 2014
Strateco Resources’ ambition to become the first ‘junior’ in Canada to start underground exploration for uranium is a luxury it can no longer afford – for now at least.



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