Nuclear Radiation Conspiracy…[VIDEO MEDIA] Happy Fukushima Japan?!

Ok, I must say; I’ve got nothing against people being happy, but when it’s used to mask the truth or the reality of nuclear proliferation – that’s where I draw the line^ especially when I see the recent hit by Pharell Williams being piggy backed by a wannabe now social media mogol: Hitomi Kumasaka, in her own words;

conspiracy video media coalitionKumusaka said she was trying to dispel the image of Fukushima as a gloomy and disaster-hit town where people shuffle by in masks fearing for their lives. She makes no bones about trying to appeal both to a domestic market and the international stage, where negative news of Fukushima has been unrelenting.
Noting that the video has been viewed by 121 countries worldwide, she said it was not her intention to create “a tourist propaganda video,” though alluring street scenes to the Noji Onsen (hot springs) perched 1,200 meters above sea level might certainly pique the interest of a few intrepid travelers.
{or the un-informed}

But from walls of ice to irradiated fish, Fukushima-fever is so prevalent in Japan that even cooking-themed comic books have been infected with fear. When the troubles confronting your backyard are apocalyptic in nature, sometimes the only thing you can do is keep calm and dance on…With the help of over 200 people, 214 gigabytes of footage were compiled over two weeks to distill four minutes of pure bliss from Fukushima City. Reference Article. { or should they say BLI$$??!!

Admittedly it is a catchy tune – although it was not made for this purpose! Though I’m sure Pharell has no problem with the added attention / proceeds^ However, after scanning over many of the comments below the remake of the hit / youtube post, it makes one wonder why it was not pulled for copyright infringement – when many videos get pulled on subjects pertaining to this tragedy with full disclosure – nevermind the song itself! I think it’s effect will backfire, but for now is not helping the global cause by painting a picture of Fukushima being all hunky dory, suggesting that^ “sometimes the only thing you can do is keep calm and dance on” ?!

Could the FACT that Japan has made a gag order on reporting the severity of the situation there, and can carry a 10 year prison sentence have anything to do with this assault on Happy?! See report by RT; Fuk-‘hush’-ima: Japan’s new state secrets law gags whistleblowers, raises press freedom fears

I find it interesting that the very action they took in so doing… PROVES not only they have something to hide, but the controlling bodies are not very intelligent to say the least!

Well, forgive me for saying so – but the state or our current world proliferation of nuclear energy, does not make me for one, want to burst into dance, while surrounded by 100+ aging nuclear facilities in the USA & 300+ Worldwide, 90% of which are failing / leaking overall – as the alarm bells have been shut off amid the most tragic nuclear catastrophe in history?! Furthermore; to suggest the negative coverage has been unrelenting is ludacris, as MSMedia do everything in their power to cover up a situation that CANNOT be covered up, despite the controlling yakudy yak Yakuza!! {Pardon the pun…

Reference Article;
For anything POSITIVE to occur – we must face the FACTS openly & honestly, starting with the TRUTH.

Sadly at Fukushima with 3 reactor cores melted down & out of control, if not 4 on the verge. Now dwarfing any and all nuclear tragedies combined worldwide, Hiroshima & Nagasaki included – while we could easily have 10 times that situation here in the USA in the blink of an eye, or as Mat Stein’s article titled; 400 Chernobyls  – is most certainly nothing to be happy about or glorified. Granted there is nothing we can do about natural disasters short of being as prepared as possible, but there is plenty we can do to STOP man made calamities, starting with;
Signing a petition or start your own to shut down & decommission ALL NUCLEAR FACILITIES would make me HAPPY. Click here for more info…

Now if this dance video in question was made for the purpose of rallying the world together to STOP the insanity of pro nukers, that would be one thing, but to pretend everyone in Fukushima-let alone Japan is happy, and the problem is isolated to a 12 mile radius is completely IGNORANT… to put it mildly. For these reasons, I won’t be posting or adding that video title to my list of favorites anytime soon… in spite of the doom n gloom we face – it’s nothing compared to what we are leaving behind, for future generations to contend with… if we don’t start turning this $hit off!!! And by that I mean Nuclear Power – not to mention this pathetic video title you can search for yourself if you so choose; Pharrell Williams – HAPPY (Fukushima, Japan) #happyfukushima

Dr. David Suzuki {Canadian Scientist of Japanese Heritage says it best – more ways than one!

Here’s another from Japan / Scientist, who does not look too happy either…


  1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    “a conspiracy to destroy the government”
    synonyms: plotschemeplan, machination, ploytrickrusesubterfugeMore

    • the action of plotting or conspiring.
      “they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”
      synonyms: plotting, collusionintrigueconnivance, machination, collaboration;More

      2014 headline news

      Apart from the catastrophe itself – the fact that over 3+ years later, the world let alone MSM… has yet to rally together over this crime against humanity, is equal to the tragic reality that future generations now face in our wake…

      Giving the word *conspiracy – a whole new meaning!

      May the almighty have mercy on us all!! C+
      care 2 make a difference petition
      Click Here 2 SHARE…

20 Seconds

Lot of words spoken in the world that The  Biggest natural disaster in Japan and The conspiracy of hiding the radiation levels maintaining the information confidential to the other living world and not speaking about the results of the damage and effect level of THREE Reactors of Nuclear Power generation plant of FUKUSHIMA Which is one of the growing conspiracy now a days due to the change in the radiation levels in Pacific ocean.Hope this will get u some info about what happened at the place this is a brief explanation of what is going on:


In 2011, an earthquake which was named TOHOKU, Due to difference in tectonic plates in the ocean bed which cause  a giant tsunami that killed more than 16,000 people in Japan and caused an estimated more than 200 billion dollars in damage, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in history. When a…

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