‘Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Video Lecture^

In this e-book I will share with you accurate and scientifically rigorous information not only about radiation in our environment, but also about how to protect yourself and your family from its effects. UPDATED…

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This ebook is WORTH the $3 spent. No one wants to think about this kind of stuff but I figured it would be easier to handle this ebook than it would be to try and really research the topic. It would make my eyes glaze over in about half a chapter.

This book breaks it all down into manageable sections and helps you work through what to do in those oh-so-important first minutes. If you live close to a military base, a nuclear reactor, or some other high profile (aka ‘good target’), spend $3 and 30 minutes on yourself. Click here to look inside, and submit your own review^

Ever since the Fukushima Disaster {Tsunami} that hit Japan March 11/2011 * There has been growing concern about the continued release of harmful radiation exposure from the 3 Nuclear Reactors destroyed and melting down to this day – with #4 crippled hanging in the balance, and 2 more reactors on standby meters away – with no containment of the damage done to speak of, and continues to this day, and every day! Spewing toxic waste water into the ocean, along with plumes of radioactive particulate into the atmosphere, since day one, from the Daiichi Nuclear Facility!

Now it’s not “Rocket Science” to figure out, that *Japan is most affected thus far, while the Children in the Tokyo prefix alone – have shown an increase of Thyroid Cancer by 40%, and the death toll to this day is unknown, and likely will not be known for decades, just as Chernobyl Russia’s death toll was not known until recent studies by the Russian & National Academy of Science, as documented by Dr. Helen Caldicott, some 25 years after the so called containment of just one melt down… OVER A MILLION PEOPLE HAVE DIED – as a direct result over one generation from the surrounding area^ While numbers & effects from 3 Mile Island PA, in 1979 here in the USA, the death toll was considered low – the reality is no doubt much higher^ as details were slow to be revealed even a decade after the accident there, since the Nuclear Industry was booming.{pardon pun} and still is sadly, as Nuclear Proliferation continues…

Needless to say – Japan has FAR reaching implications, and dwarfs all the accidents combined to this day, deliberate or otherwise. As details of the severity are still hard to get from Japan, while they continue to try keep upwards of 55 reactors in operation – in the most active earthquake zone on the planet!

While the USA has 100 at last count, aging nuclear facilities, many with safety issues, and operational problems ongoing… MOST if not all, are precariously built on active FAULT LINES from coast to coast. So for anyone to suggest – we don’t have a serious problem WORLDWIDE?!…To them I say *THINK AGAIN^ And it’s about time that this issue be made LOUD & CLEAR to the so called Leaders of United Nations.

SIGN PETITION {Opens new window of priority! Sincerely, C+

There is plenty of information here from my *Top 10 Fukushima Experts & Beyond, see also my most recent videos on Channel CVMCo.



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