Definition; One who knows it’s all going to $hit, but thinks everything will be o.k.?!


I can’t say the above describes me. Using logic^ I do consider myself an optimist with conditions, since I believe we are in a do or die situation^ for the sake of our children’s children, and it’s NOT all o.k… 

Yes things look very grim now on a global scale, and I can’t take credit for this euphemism,‘Apocaloptimist’  But I’m not sure who first coined the term – who will remain anonymous for now… So Hmm, let’s see – at the very least I’m HONEST about who I am, and what I stand for in my adult life… For starters wishing we could wipe out all nuclear power, since a very young age – while “pro nuclear lovers claim safe clean energy.”.. let us entertain that {oxymoron} at best!

While we could be sitting anywhere^ Let’s say in Japan as a Nuclear Safety Operator on a Navy Ship / Carrier, off the coast – monitoring – playing semantic games, forming theories, by command – that “hold no water” {pardon pun} following ‘Fukushima’s example, denying that there’s harmful radiation particles to speak of here, there or anywhere…in the atmosphere, because your navy issue meters say so – while your significant other {spouse} stays unaware of the undetectable risk on location at your apartment, somewhere in the region, God knows where?! While sailing around the islands in the breeze, fooling yourself that it’s all fine & dandy – with high tech gadgets, and useless detectors after the damage done – since 2011… ongoing to this day! With actual details and numbers that would frighten Frankenstein!  Does this fit the description of Apocaloptimist?

Yet still informing the general public through governing bodies, that you could inject plutonium in your veins, and walk away with your superiors, as your fully armed nuclear warheads aboard OUR $HIP$, with a few launch codes ordered – could annihilate a city with just one missile of thousands within reach of any given super power, as you watch a facility continue to melt down – not 1, but 3 nuclear reactors dwarfing RU$$IA’$ Chernobyl & 3 Mile Island U$A combined! From Hiroshima to Fukushima Daiichi Reactor #4 now hanging in the balance – contains upwards of 15,000 times the radioactive material experienced in 1945 fallout, with 2 more reactors on standby total of 6 – with an incompetent company named {TEPCO} in charge of containment, as the Japanese Government lies along with them, trying to keep $UM 55 nuclear plants in operation through-out Japan^running as you say; Yes NP {No Problem=Nuclear Power} puns intended! As Obama Bin Lyin says; “We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast” End quote^ Is he an Apocaloptimist?

Keep in mind, I’m not knocking someone in charge of nuclear operational safety, for without them we’d be finished by now… Nonetheless – it’s not just my honest opinion, they’d be better served in the absolute decommissioning all reactors worldwide, SIGN HERE As nuclear power is nothing more than an excuse for bomb factories! As melt downs, accidents waiting to happen, 100 active plants OUTDATED BY 20 YEAR$ MINIMUM littered across the States on major fault lines LEAKING coast to coast… are they perfectly safe?! Hence; oxymoron re; nuclear safety^

Now I don’t post random videos – on Fukushima, the videos I compile are from experts I often record live and format myself or redistribute from my top 10 list of experts on the subject – spending hours, some times days to add captions for hearing / visually impaired etc, referring the general public to experts who have devoted their lives to the cause and effect of radiation, NONE more versed on the subject of “radiation health effects” than; Dr. Helen Caldicott, since long before nuclear proliferation after 7 decades… and I recommend EVERYONE SEEK HER EXPERTISE, as she is bound by LAW not to lie in her profession or would lose her license to practice anywhere in the world, not to mention respect, from her peers, such as; Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen… just to name one of many!

That said, are they Apocaloptimists?

Some final points;

#1. Stay un-tuna’d – since this phony Nuclear Safety Operator synopsis, is designed to raise awareness to the severity of our global situation – not just in Japan, as the flood gates are now open… as they say – to use a cliche’ 3’s the charm?! But with number 4 we will be no more! With currently over 430 commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 31 countries, and over 70 more reactors under construction… source WNA. The only solution I see is if all *Anti Nuclear Advocates… myself included, win the battle of –DECOMMISSIONING EVERY NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ON EARTH!!! SIGN HERE

#2. Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen blew the whistle on pro nukers after 40+ years, since working in 70 of the now active 100 outdated nuclear plants existing in the USA23 of which are identical to the design of Fukushima by G.E.  and he was pro nuke up until the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster, now the head of Fairewinds.com non-profit site devoted to informing the general public on F’Daiichi^ As you will hear many on my top 10 list, mention him in reference to their own studies, for obvious reasons…

#3. Are you an “Apocaloptimist” no I can’t take credit for that euphemism… However, this term I can take credit for & coined inspired by pro nukers; They are nothing but “Killmongers” And as I’ve said, if my Top 10 Fukushima Experts are nothing but “Fearmongers” For Telling the TRUTH, I will accept this over the alternative, while the list continues to grow for experts demanding transparency^ as my new mentor, who doesn’t know me from Adam – but knows his Atoms and then some, yes I’m a punny guy, with good reason why???!!! See my new #1. anti nuke advocate Click here opens new window of priority!Worshiping Nuclear Power

Last but certainly not least; Chernobyl {over a million deaths related} over 25 years! Verified by Dr. Helen Caldicott’s research from Russia Academy of Science; was ignored by US of A$$ as America figured their technology was far superior and could never melt down or cause catastrophic consequences, while 3MI & General Electric, have since proven the opposite indeed, with no-where to hide – except by suppressing the truth by nuke lovers and the likes thereof^ What’s next? Install missile silos in our homes for self defense, and see who the last one standing is??!! SIGN HERE

KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD^ Represented by a nuclear warhead in the original movie; “Planet Of The Apes”
End of story! C+

I coined this Acronym; C.A.R.E. “Consider All Radiation Exposure” Described at my personal blog!

*Jan. 7 / 2013 Coast To Coast AM* George Noory Interviews, 3 Leading Nuclear Experts Discuss All The Facts & Fallacies of Fukushima, The Nuclear Industry’s Govern-Mental Cover-UP$ & More…

SIGN HERE Those with RARE SENSE  know common sense is over-rated! Nuclear Safety = OXYMORON



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