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Dear Gun Controllers,
Just look at all the drone strikes, that kill more innocent than the so called guilty terrorist targets, who’s the guilty?
How about disarming the governments of the world, profiting from wars… when that happens, maybe we can put all the guns of the world in a pile and nuke them – with whose last bomb?!
Then we can gather up all the blades, bows and arrows, sticks and stones, oh and remove hands and feet… good thing looks can’t kill huh?! People kill people. Bring the troops home, defend your own!!!
Sincerely, C+Gun Control Video

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Very good but disturbing;

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day (Photo credit: belkin59)


This is a very disturbing movie. Not because of the images — by now most educated persons probably know that 20th Century governments butchered 200 million or more people — but because of the blunt and matter-of-fact way it illustrates some of the precursors to genocide. Intellectually I understood the historical connection between authoritarian states, civilian disarmament, and genocide but now I understand it viscerally as well. From the first time I saw that roving gun sight until the final credits this documentary alternately horrified and enraged me. However, not everyone will finish this film feeling thoughtful. It does challenge some fundamental assumptions people make about genocide but I think that is a good thing. Pretty darned good for a movie with only a $90,000 budget.



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