It really is a crazy world out there…how some people get promoted for their failures.

recent history
e President Barack “Barry” Obama, for instance… or whatever his real name is?!  He must be the worst president since FDR — maybe ever.  Yet he was rewarded like ‘Bush’ with a second term in office… not to mention the nobel peace prize??  Insane… no?!

Regardless of your opinion of the men, or politics, one thing is certain: It’s black & white, when many would like to think it’s a race war, it’s quite $imply about administration, along with the destruction of the United States Constitution, and Obama’s economic policies have been a complete total disaster… on top of the Bushes!! 

What’s more, we’ll all be paying holy hell for many generations to come, while in his eye’s, and the master puppeteers it’s a $UCCE$$

See our first full length documentary and possibly our last; Title: ‘THE LAST POTUS’ will be on permanent display… if Youtube/Google does not take it down, otherwise we will upload it here exclusively! Predominently about the Subtitle; The Last 4 Years! Dedicated to ‘JFK’s haunting words… that relate more to this day and age than ever before!


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