Now I don’t know what to think about all this! At first I was happy to see someone stand up in the name of God against the idiots on capital hill, and agreed with Rick Wiles of ‘TRUNEWS’ saying God works in mysterious ways using the humble stenographer ‘Dianne Reidy’ to make a stand, while interviewing her husband… heard on Pastor Rick’s weekday radio broadcast, Published Oct. 18/2013.

However, with this analysis by ‘Truthstream Media’ I’m not so sure, after seeing her in discussion with a so called white haired gentleman giving her the nod for unknown reasons just prior to her get up to make a grand stand?! Not to mention; FOX News apparently using two different scenes for the same soundbite, makes one wonder about FN’s^ credibility.

ANY thoughts on this will be much appreciated, as it’s getting to the point that, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – so help me God, is getting harder to find with each passing day on all fronts! C+Peace
Truth Stream Media Video


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