Wednesday October 9, 2013

Today’s Guest : Derrick Robinson

The Active Denial System, from a presentation ...
The Active Denial System, from a presentation of the U.S. Department of defense (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Topic : Derrick Robinson is the president of the human rights organization, “Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance,”

Today he discusses the disturbing prevalence of directed energy weapons being used on global scale to inflict torment, control minds, and carry out the satanic agenda that is at its core.

The powers that be are having their way, from economic currency, to mind altering manipulation, with natural or un-natural disasters – threats of nuclear war from North Korea to North America, from here to kingdom come…

We have little choice but to “prepare to meet our makers” one way or another, no matter what your belief system is, as my earthly father {rest his soul} would say; “The end is always near!” end quote. C+

I will elaborate with poetic license on my Dad’s quote, with all due respect, yes the end as we know it is always near, however… there is no beginning or end, only good vs evil for eternal life in fear!^


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