URGENT Message To Believers & Non Believers Alike – Everyone Should Have A Bible And A Gun!

Diagram of the divisions, sects, schools, and ...
Diagram of the divisions, sects, schools, and traditions within Islam, as described at en:Divisions of Islam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Published on Sep 12, 2013

Dr. David Berman, Author and Pastor of Christian Life Fellowship Church in NH, comes back on Trunews for broad-ranging discussion with an URGENT message covering everything from the liberal left’s infatuation with Islam to simple Christian principles with non believers alike, need to understand / hear this with the threat of wwIII and the collapse of America as we know it…

To Paraphrase; Dr. David Berman: Everyone Should Have A Bible And A Gun, They Know How To Use With Ammunition! End quote.

Not only are we to take care of our bodies and the life contained. We have an obligation to preserve the body and life of other people. Psalm 82:4 even cites an obligation to protect those who are in danger:

Psalm 82:4 Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. Consider also;

Proverbs 24:11, which indicates we have a duty to preserve the lives of those who are harming themselves:

Proverbs 24:11 Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

Remember, they did not have guns in biblical times, thus it has replaced the sword so to speak in this regard, and or bows & arrows! C+Peace

PS; Ezekiel 33 is  also a well-known passage! However, If you’re not a reader there are plenty of free audio bibles available free for the taking… for you to listen, while cleaning your guns! http://www.freeaudiobible.net/


3 thoughts on “URGENT Message To Believers & Non Believers Alike – Everyone Should Have A Bible And A Gun!”

  1. This is blasphemy. “Everyone needs a Bible and a gun.” It is people who think like this who are infatuated with Islam, who copy the worst of Islam. A Christian Jihad? It is like spitting in His face. Isaiah prophesied about you perhaps, “Do not call conspiracy what this people call conspiracy. Do not fear what they fear.”

  2. For starters I’m only quoting what was said in the program, and if you actually listened to it, you might realize the context of what was said by the very well respected God fearing preachers, unlike most warm n fuzzy ignorant! Blasphemy and tyranny & treason are all high crimes recognized in the supreme court against Obombya… RESEARCH IT. True Christians do not force anyone to believe in JC or God, nor do they kill those who don’t – like the Koran does!

    Perhaps try listening to the video/program posted^entirely?!

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