“Fukushima Radiation Update: What Main Stream Media Is Not Telling You, About Fukushima Radiation Exposure!”

Wednesday May 23, 2012 Guest: Christina Consolo, Upated for hearing impaired @ Channel CVMCo Click Here

Topic: Nuked Radio host Christina Consolo joins us today to discuss the Fukushima facts that the mainstream media isn’t talking about. Share this information with all your loved ones…

In case anyone questions the validity of this interview – here’s one Canadian main stream news

English: Logo for CTV News Channel (Canada)
English: Logo for CTV News Channel (Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

network that mentions the expert referred to in this interview by Christina ref; {Gundersen} http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/World/20120518/fukushima-dai-ichi-risk-reactor-4-120519/

Chief engineer of energy consulting company associates, and a former nuclear power industry executive. Mr. Arnie Gundersen continues to warn about cataclysmic damage of the Fukushima nuclear plant causing serious global problems. More @ WHY NUCLEAR Tab Click Here…



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