Dr.America [Ron Paul]

[Ron Paul] In Spite Of Main Stream Media Ignorance, ‘Ron Paul’s Crowds Larger Than Obama & Romney’s Combined Chanting “President Paul”

One of the charming things about watching Dr. America [Ron Paul] in action, is his penchant for going off on a riff about the costs of war in Afghanistan when he’s asked how we solve the debt crisis. Paul’s answer is invariably: get rid of the Empire! It’s fun to watch the Washington pundits look nonplussed whenever he refers to “the Empire.” Yes, you can hear the capitalization in his ironic tone of voice.

Paul has made an important concession for a libertarian, and that is his pledge to refrain from cutting domestic welfare programs on which the most vulnerable members of our society have come to depend. His budget proposal – cutting $1 trillion in the first year – depends heavily on cuts in the military, “foreign aid,” and other instruments of our hegemonic foreign policy.

The reason is not just tactical: it is ideological. As Ron Paul — like his friend and mentor Murray Rothbard, the libertarian economist and theorist who died in 1995 — understands that war is the motor that runs the turbine of growing government power. It is in wartime that the power of the State takes a “great leap forward,” and, in the holy name of “national security,” overpowers the private sector and the realm of freedom.

Ron Paul presidential campaign, 1988
Ron Paul presidential campaign, 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the major reason why a Paul endorsement of Romney is inconceivable: every time Paul has been asked about this question he’s brought up the foreign policy issue right off the bat. No public figure in sight understands more clearly than Paul what an absolute disaster an American attack on Iran would be, and it is therefore impossible to conjure a scenario that includes Paul endorsing a man who criticizes the President for even keeping up the pretense of negotiating with Tehran.

What does Ron Paul want? In the short term, the goals of the campaign are an unknown, and indeed that’s good strategy. Why let your opponents know what you’re up to in advance? As I pointed out, the risks of the Paulians showing their hand too soon could have serious consequences in Tampa. Yet all this talk of platform planks, a prime time speaking spot for either Paul or his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), or some such palliative is beside the point – because the point is the long term strategy of the movement, not the day-to-day twists and turns of the narrative.

In the long term, the Paulians are building the political and intellectual infrastructure that is the scaffolding of any successful movement spotlighting Paul’s principled anti-interventionist foreign policy stance long before he skyrocketed to fame.

Ron Paul Revolution design
Ron Paul Revolution design (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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