“Imagine: Ron Paul vs Hipocrisy of Mainstream Media Lies and Blackouts”

While the mainstream media continues to idiotically tell LIES about Ron Paul “quitting”, the campaign is forging ahead, today releasing a memo outlining Paul’s strategy for the GOP national convention.

“LIES” (Photo credit: Toban Black)

“Let me be very clear,” writes chief strategist Jesse Benton in the opening lines of the memo, “Dr. Paul is NOT dropping out or suspending his campaign.”

“As Dr. Paul has previously stated, he is in this race all the way to the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August,” Benton adds, noting that the campaign will look to maximize the resources it has, thus it will not fruitlessly pour money into the remaining primary states.

“We will continue to run strong programs at district and state [party] conventions to win more delegates and alternate delegates to the national convention.” Benton continues, noting that the campaign will enter a “new phase” on Friday at the Minnesota state GOP convention, where Paul will make an appearance.

While Benton acknowledges that “barring something very unforeseen”, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will now secure enough delegates to win the nomination, he asks Paul supporters to stay positive and help the Congressman secure a legacy for the future of the liberty movement.

Ref; Steve Watson Infowars.com May 15, 2012

CVMCo. Quote; Lets not forget the good Dr. has an ACE up his sleeve, if he does not get the nomination for GOP… he can still run independent, however – as unlikely as that is, registered Republican Paul supporters, outmaneuvered and played their game better. Winning the majority of delegates in a lot of states! There’s still a GOOD chance that Dr. Paul will become the nominee, and send Mit-twit & Obombya packing!*wink

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/76505_Page2.html#ixzz1vLpLRybg

Ron Paul vs Hipocrisy of Mainstream Media Lies and Blackouts


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