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Once In A Lifetime: From ‘Christian Sinner’s New Album “Once In A Lifetime” …comes his hit single; [Once In A Lifetime]

The long awaited album from “Christian Sinner” was to be released as a live [Once In A Lifetime] tour across Canada and the USA. However, the infamous singer songwriter was stopped in his tracks {pardon the pun} upon planning his tour and arrival to the States… he suffered a massive heart attack in late 2009. … Continue reading

9/11 Tribute Anniversary Commemorating 9/11 Tribute Revised By; Christian Sinner 9/11/2001

JOIN MUSIC FOR THE RED CROSS 9/11 Tribute Revised by Christian Sinner 9/11/2001 in rememberance of one of the most tragic events in human history known as 9/11. Tribute Taken from Neil Young’s ‘The Needle and The Damage’ Done… and now ‘The Damage Done’; 9/11/2001. Proceeds of all music sales will go to The Red … Continue reading

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