2011 vs 2012 RESEARCH

October 28/2011 vs December 21/2012: END TIMES RESEARCH Updated…

Their is another school of thought by modern Mathematicians, that our new calculations of the Mayan’s 3 Calendar Cycles now falls on Oct.28/2011,  Yes, ONE cycle, or time frame from the Maya does end on Oct.28/2011, while the RARE Galactic Alignment, does in fact occur on Dec.21/2012, Winter Solstice… Also predicted by the Mayans! This we know for a fact will happen! We, just don’t know what for certain will happen as a result!

That’s fine if you don’t want to believe NASA or any official Government agency or Science community, or world renowned Scientists, or whether you believe “The New Age” predictions or not, look at the current world state of affairs, and what ALL ancient texts from every corner of the world have in common^^^ this is no y2k hoax… to sell more softwares! BE PREPARED FOR THE NEW AGE, Whether it’s the end or new beginning, open your minds eye! Look no further than the blackout of 2003, that affected the entire eastern seaboard for ONLY 2 DAYS, 10 million+ in Ontario Canada & 8 Eastern States, and what happened during that SHORT PERIOD?!^^^

Food & Water Shortage, Countless Casualties etc, etc. That is recent historical FACT… were people prepared for that? NO! So, if it’s the end or new beginning – there’s not much else to do BUT PREPARE Spiritually & Physically to either {die or survive} as one of the NEW AGE PIONEERS…or OLD AGE HAS BEENS…

SERIOUSLY! Don’t be surprised when the LIGHTS GO OUT FOR GOOD!!!! One solar blast has the power to knock us into the dark ages, whether you believe in the Mayan calender cycles or Nibiru passing us by every 3600 years, for whatever is happening and will HAPPEN… The National Academy Of Science Provoked NASA to release a PUBLIC WARNING back in 2006 to 2010 on the SOLAR MAXIMUM NOW, which will have far more reaching affects the world over, than the closest rival blast back in the 50’s, we weren’t so dependant on electricity then, never mind cell phones or pc[s]. We’ll be lucky not to be burned alive from one burp from the sun by radiation…

If anyone thinks they {NASA or SETI} can keep an eye on space to track any significant amount of space debris, then we are ALL more naive than I thought! ALL the telescopes including ‘Hubble’ monitors at best, a fraction of a % of Space! COUNTLESS meteors hit earth DAILY, keep track of MILLIONS? upon BILLIONS? or TRILLIONS? perhaps INFINITE # of Meteors? or our own {Asteroid Belt}? which is too close to monitor for that matter… some kid with a Walmart scope in his back yard has as much chance to WARN US as they do! Never mind COMETS or mysterious planetary bodies! We’re at the MERCY of “THE POWERS THAT BE” FATE PERIOD.

Reference facts vs fiction @ http://cvmco88.blogspot.com start counting your blessings! C+

We still have hope! Even if… as the story goes; *Nibiru is a giant space craft on route to save earth and all the comets over the past 5000+ years were probes sent by the Anunnaki to check the Sun‘s status on facebook! CVMCo;-]


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